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Top Solo Games list by kerskine & 1PG
kerskine -Top Solo Games

This list is based on the People’s Choice Top Solo Games on BoardGameGeek. A huge thanks to BGG member Kevin Erskine, who compiles the votes from the amazing members of the 1-Player Guild.

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The list started in 2014 with the top 100 games. In 2018, the list increased to the top 200 games. Last year, there were more than 200 votes for people’s #1 games, so the list might grow even more!

Each year, Kevin Erskine takes the top 20 voted physical solo games from the members of the 1-Player Guild. The latest list is from 2022 and holds the top 200 games. In this year, almost 1000 people voted! This list contains over 1,500 solo games as ever voted by members since 2014.

Each September, he will start taking your votes (you send your votes to him via bgg geekmail). The deadline for submissions is October 31. These months are very exciting as people start to make their geeklists to share their votes and why they love these games. Make sure to share your favorites and why you love them!

The anticipation builds, and then in November, Kevin will slowly release the top games day by day, unveiling about 10 games at a time, getting closer and closer to the highest-rated games. Every morning is like Christmas as we check to see what the next batch of games will be.

Read more about the Rise of Solo Gaming or how I got into Modern Solo Board Gaming. If you want to see your favorite game listed here in the future, don’t forget to head on over to BGG and vote!