Game Genre: Puzzle

Solve challenges or puzzles using logic, deduction, or spatial reasoning. Puzzle games (as opposed to strategy) emphasize the predetermined challenge set by the game, often focusing on solving individual puzzles or overcoming obstacles presented by the game itself.

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  • Coffee Roaster box cover

    Coffee Roaster

  • Orchard box cover

    Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game

  • burncycle box cover


  • Beacon Patrol box cover

    Beacon Patrol

  • Trailblazers box cover


  • Grove box cover

    Grove: A 9 card solitaire game

  • A Gentle Rain box cover

    A Gentle Rain

  • Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden box cover

    Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden

  • Sprawlopolis cover


  • That's Pretty Clever box cover

    That’s Pretty Clever!