About Kamio


Solo gaming has gained incredible popularity, and it is my obsession. Hello! I’m Kamio, a solo gamer passionate about board games.

I’ll be working hard to make the Solo My Games blog a valuable resource to solo gamers for exploring beloved solo gaming classics, the latest and greatest releases, and everything in between. Well, almost everything—except wargames, which I haven’t played… yet.

My favorite genres of games include survival games, euro games, and anything that offers me a good challenge. I’m a sucker for themes involving zombies, dinosaurs, cats, hiking, plants, and nature.

I live in beautiful Colorado with my family. Taking walks with my dog and seeing views like this make me feel so lucky to live here. While we no longer live in the Rocky Mountains, the front range offers snow-capped mountain views to the north and south.

Colorado sunset (Photo by Kamio)
Colorado sunset (Photo by Kamio)

Luckily, most of my skills fit nicely with starting a gaming blog. With a web programming and photography background, I can now combine all my passions to bring you useful solo gaming content.

Some ways these skills will enhance this site:

  • Web development skills – various programming languages, HTML/CSS, modern, responsive web design, databases, etc… I have been fascinated with web programming since the Internet was in its infancy. Though it’s no longer my career, I still update my skills every few years with personal projects like this!
  • Photography – I have done both portrait and product photography in the past. It’s just another one of my many bucket list items.
  • Photoshop – this goes with photography; I’ve been dabbling with Photoshop all my adult life.
  • Community – I have built fun, hobby-related website communities focused on informational and interactive content for my readers. These include two video game communities, an e-commerce shop focused on customer interaction, a blog, and photography forums.

I aim to keep this site filled with the absolute best solo games and all the information that matters to solo gamers. I’ll be busy discussing solo games in my blog posts, adding new games, and plenty of captivating game photos.

Disclosure: I tend to be a perfectionist, so I’ll spend hours or days researching things. That makes me not the fastest blogger. I’m also a completionist, so if I think I’ll like a game, I’ll go ahead and get the expansions, promos, and maybe an insert.

Want to know how I started? Learn more about my solo gaming story.

Kamio’s Other Hobbies

I have a genuine passion for learning and am always restless working on hobbies. Listing these here is important, as they take up much time each week.

  • 3D printing – I picked up this hobby because I purchased expensive 3D-printed inserts from others. Now I can make my own; the 3D printers have paid for themselves with the money I’ve saved.
  • 3D modeling – I started learning Blender a few years ago to make whatever I want. For now, I mostly rely on shared STLs on Printables.com and Thingiverse.
  • Learning foreign languages – I have taught myself Japanese daily for the past few years.
  • Succulents – cute little colorful and juicy plants! Got my first plants in the summer of 2020 as a “COVID” hobby.
  • Miniature painting – just starting to get into this, I hope to focus on the fast and easy “slap chop” method of priming, dry brushing and contrast or speed paints. You will see some of my work here!
  • Reading – I love to read – mostly science-fiction lately. If a game comes out based on a novel, you can bet that I’ll be reading the book!

Reach out!

Please always reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions!

– Thanks for reading, and enjoy your stay!