Game Component: Board Game

A board game is a type of tabletop game that is primarily played on a flat surface, typically a board, which serves as the central playing area.

While the term “board games” is usually used to reference all the types of games featured in this blog, if a game has no board and primarily uses cards or dice, it will be labeled as such here.

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  • Ghost Stories box cover

    Ghost Stories

  • On Mars box cover

    On Mars

  • Brass Birmingham box cover

    Brass: Birmingham

  • Legacy of Yu box cover

    Legacy of Yu

  • Bullet ♥︎ box cover

    Bullet ♥︎

  • burncycle box cover


  • Eldritch Horror box cover

    Eldritch Horror

  • Woodcraft box cover


  • Snowdonia box cover


  • Viticulture Essential Edition Cover

    Viticulture Essential Edition