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Solo Board Game Artists

Here’s the list of the solo board game artists who created the amazing artwork for these solo-friendly board games featured in the blog. Click on a board game artist’s name to see which game(s) they are involved in! Some artists have links showcasing their talented artwork.

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  • Anders Finér

  • Kurt Miller

  • Andreas Rocha

  • Sébastien Bizos

  • David Demaret

  • C. B. Canga

  • Joel Hustak

  • Arden Beckwith

  • Pascal Quidault

  • Vito Gesualdi

  • Piotr Foksowicz

  • Miguel Da Silva

  • Biagio D’Alessandro

  • Emilio Rodriguez

  • Yoma

  • Filip Murmak

  • Robert P. Schneider

  • Simon Caruso

  • Peter Wocken

  • William Bricker