Adam Carlson

Josh Carlson and I have always had a passion for games. As I think back, I don’t recall a time where we weren’t altering and modifying a game to make it more challenging or fun, debating the “intent” of a board game rule, or just flat out enjoying the creativity and ingenuity of game creators and their creations. Being cousins, we saw each other a lot, and each week had new discussions about game dynamics or mechanics we thought were worth exploring. As we “grew up” and took on professions of our own, our passion for games kept us close and coming back to the table…literally, to play or discuss another game.

Starting a game company and designing games was often talked about, however, it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that we started to pick up some momentum due to a concept that intrigued us both more than most. While avid forum readers and convention attenders, we are working to become more visible in the community from a game creator standpoint. We have established ourselves as Chip Theory Games LLC. and look forward to getting to know the BGG community on a more granular level.

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