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Solo Board Game Publishers

The list of the board game publishers who help bring these solo-friendly board games to market. These are the US publishers and if I feature a game, it will usually be from the United States. Click on a publisher’s name to explore the game(s) they help to bring to your home!

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  • Gamewright

  • Foxtrot Games

  • Pegasus Spiele

  • Nuts! Publishing

  • Serious Poulp

  • FryxGames

  • Leder Games

  • Pandasaurus Games

  • Tau Leader Games

  • Succubus Publishing

  • Indie Boards & Cards

  • Greater Than Games, LLC

  • IV Studio

  • GMT Games

  • Mariucci J. Designs

  • Stronghold Games

  • Deep Water Games

  • Mondo Games

  • Devir

  • Stonemaier Games